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Thursday, 29 March 2007

you too can have fun with your blog

The last two posts were from Wednesday and Thursday mornings, not tonight as it appears. For some odd reason Blogger decided that it shouldn't allow comments on those, and in the end the only apparent fix was to copy and paste the text to make two new posts. Strange. Of course this was determined after much banging of head against wall. But I'm not bitter.

Now I need to figure out why, with my time zone set to Eastern Standard, Blogger insists that it's an hour earlier than it really is. Perhaps, like A, it is seriously miffed with whomever invented Daylight Savings time. The nerve of those people, making her go to bed while it's light out.


sue said...

hee hee... glad you got it fixed.

futsaldreamer said...

Try Eastern Daylight Time, two down from EST ;)