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Friday, 9 March 2007

present and history

The present:
Life continues here at the crowded little house, better than one might expect for a family of four and a family of five living in a 4-bedroom home. I've reminded myself several times that back when this house was built, 9-member families were not out of the ordinary, so we can do it too.

Earlier this week D and I took the girls out for dinner at a nice restaurant, a way of saying we're proud of the way they have adapted to our new household setup, and for the way they have handled watching their cousins get new toys after new toys after new toys. I was bracing for "why isn't there something for us?", which I'm pretty sure would have been my reaction at their ages, but have not heard so much as a peep of that. It's been a pleasant surprise to see them handling the situation so well.
Today's high-tech innovation to my blog: a photo! Posted right here! Well, down a line or two.

The history:
Yesterday was the day: the school-level Historica fair. A & M presented their Canadian Horse project and did a very good job of giving the information that they had learned. They even did well answering the questions of those who came by their display. R did her presentation on the North Nova Scotia Highlanders and much to her surprise won first place overall. She had worked very hard and practiced her presentation and it was so good to see all the work rewarded in that way. She moves on to the regional fair at the start of next month. A visit to the War Museum is in the plans for next week, a place R loves to visit anyway but is keen to see it again with the new knowledge that she has gained over the last couple of months. We learned so much from all of the kids' presentations, and had fun seeing their friends present their projects. They covered everything from pirates and Lego to maple syrup, trapping, ballet, other war topics, and local history. Impressive, really.

The future:
I need sleep.


Jennifer said...

I am soooo impressed! Way to go R!!!!!!

sue said...

The reaction of your girls to the present situation is a testament to how well you have raised/are raising them. You both are phenomenal parents.
Again, congrats to the girls for jobs well done.

Heather said...

Well done R on the project, I hope you enjoy the regional fair. A10 had a great day when she went as there was so much to see.