I hope I never lose my sense of wonder. If that makes me naive, then so be it.

Friday, 30 March 2007


The music is printed up, the new song has a tune with which I'm very happy, and I have my directions. This morning I meet with the family whose daughters are dancing to four songs that I'm doing, to ensure our timing matches and we're comfortable with it. I look forward to seeing them dance ... hope I don't get distracted and screw up. The sound equipment (keyboard, amps, mics, stands, cables) is either here or has been sent on with DL, the conference organizer. The girls are dropped off for their highland dance class, and then I'm on my way (cue the Proclaimers' On My Way from the Shrek soundtrack).

The conference this weekend is put on by a local ministry group for wives of pastors. Now these are ladies who can, unfortunately, have an often thankless job. I hope the worship times can encourage and uplift them. I'm also looking forward to a sort of personal retreat time, away from the usual surroundings and the usual routine (whatever that is). It's amazing what just an overnight out of the environment can do to give one time to think, to pray, to meditate, to just sit and think.

It's sort of an extended version of what I do here sometimes, simply head out for a walk in the fields and sing a bit and talk to God a bit and shut up and listen a bit. This remains, in spite of its often busy pace, a peaceful place. I was MSNing with my drummer buddy last night and he talked about being in that place where your mind is rushing everywhere but getting nowhere, when you're mentally exhausted but it won't stop spinning. I've been there and it's not fun. Those are times D looks at me and says, "go for a walk for a bit". How well he knows me.

Last night was band rehearsal for Sunday. We worked up a great intro to the Chris Tomlin song Forever - we start with 16 bars of the riff from the 70s classic Deep Purple song Smoke on the Water, a song many don't know but will recognize the riff. It will be highly fun, reminiscent of the time we started Hillsongs' Glory with the opening bars of the Who's Pinball Wizard. I hope my voice holds out with singing all three days this weekend. It's sore but I seem to be able to sing through it. Bad me, abusing my vocal cords like that.


sue said...

I hope it is a time of refreshment for you as you minister to others.

Jennifer said...

abusing vocal cords??? what are you talking about! these are God's vocal cords girlie! do you really think He's gonna let you go dry when you're praising the Almighty? You are going to ROCK!!