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Wednesday, 21 March 2007

meal planning made easy

There is something about eating a meal that was planned like this:
"What's for supper?"
"Hm, what's in the fridge?"
"Not much for leftovers. How about grilling something? Chicken burgers?"
"Yeah, and some prosciutto on top."
"Get some provolone too, if they have some, and some tomatoes and lettuce"
"And for dessert?"
"How about a fruit pizza, with a shortbread crust and kiwi, mandarin oranges, and a marmalade glaze on top?"
"Sounds good."

And so supper was planned in a way that sounds very non-simple but turned into these delightful chicken, prosciutto and cheese sandwiches, and it was no stress whatsoever and I got to spend some time just creating a meal with goaliemom. So, all in all, it was one of those simple pleasures that make days into lovely, memorable events.

I love to cook and I love to be able to have fun and be creative in the kitchen. Two improvements could have been made to the meal:
(1) having said sandwiches on focaccia bread (Rule: just about everything is better on focaccia bread. Trust me.). But there was none to be had.
(2) grilling the chicken rather than sauteeing it. But, there was likewise no grill to be had.

This afternoon's power shopping, while not very aerobic (see last post), did result in some nifty purchases. Dishes and even a dress that is all flowy and pretty and which necessitated a pair of new shoes. But at the prices down here it's not that bad, really. Found some microfiber shirts for $5, which were duly snapped up.

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