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Thursday, 29 March 2007

funny little things

Yesterday was pretty much back to normal schedule at the farm. The chickens are happy to be outside each day now, but R came back concerned in the morning that one of the hens (named 'Ninjie' by R, since she makes this funny sound that R has decided is something a ninja would do. I think she got that from D's funny imitations of old Bruce Lee movies) had more than just a bare neck; there was blood showing. Uh oh. R and I have never witnessed it but have read about the possibility of a pecking party. Apparently chickens will literally attack blood spots on another chicken and kill whatever unlucky hen gets that way. So, out we went with a soft rag and a 1:5 vinegar-water solution that I had read about applying to both clean the bare spot and discourage other hens. Guess they don't like vinaigrettes. R quickly grabbed Ninjie and I proceeded to give the hen a sponge bath, which was definitely not appreciated. Several checkups through the day confirmed that she was doing better, but we'll see how the patient is today. Query: if it continues, do I need to make her a little scarf?

A funny discovery yesterday involved the garbage can. We wanted one with a brushed-stainless finish, but learned on going to buy one several months back that most put you out about $200 (for a garbage can????) until we found one for a much more reasonable $40. Now, this was a primo garbage can, since it has an infra-red sensor and when you pass your hand over it, up pops the lid. Very good for when your hands are full, and highly entertaining for the kids. And much less than $200! The dogs will occasionally put their heads by it and open it too.

As we sat going over school yesterday, we heard the telltale sound of the lid opening, then closing. Then opening and closing again. Then a third time. Ok, enough, doggies. But wait, there's one there and the other one there... and all the girls accounted for. There goes the lid again. Hmmm. Into the kitchen I went, to find a ladybug walking about on the sensor, setting the lid off again and again. The girls and I thought it was hilarious (yes, we are easily entertained) though afterward I was thinking about the ladybug's perspective. Either he/she was scared half to death at this giant maw opening and closing, about to devour him, or he/she was on a major power trip.

Also yesterday, the song I had written lyrics for in Myrtle Beach finally got a tune put to it. As I worked through it and put the notes into my software, the girls were picking up on the tune. I guess that's a good sign that it's singable. I don't like putting too much musical complexity into a song that is meant to be sung in a group setting (like in church or, in this case, a conference); it detracts from the song if people are struggling to figure out what the heck to sing or feeling lost in the tune. But it's mostly done now and I'm happy with how it's going. The annoying thing is when I feel like I have a good idea for a melody and then think, 'oh, wait, that's the bridge from such-and-such a song'. But I think I'm good on this one.

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