I hope I never lose my sense of wonder. If that makes me naive, then so be it.

Friday, 26 March 2010

not alone

yesterday's thought...

To realize that we are not alone on life's journey is both a gift and a responsibility.

today's expansion (as my thoughts do tend to evolve as I ponder them, turn them over in my mind)...

There are people we pass on life's journey, faces appearing out of the mist as we walk along. Some we glance at, continue on our way. Others, we reach out a hand to greet.

Some return it with a wave, and pass on. They were with us for a brief moment.

Some reach our and shake our hand politely, stay with us for a season.

But some - gift indeed! - reach out, clasp our hand in true friendship. They hold on, steadying us over rough ground. Their warm, companionable grasp reminds us that they are there when the coldness of the mist threatens us. They don't let go. They are close enough to reach over and dry our tears, or to lean on us while we shake with laughter. They see what we do and know what delights us in the scenery along the way.

How I love my fellow sojourners.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

makes sense

"... I mean, my writing entertains me, but then I also like to hop randomly around the kitchen."

(filed under Things You Say to Your Spouse that, Strangely Enough, Make Sense to Him)

Saturday, 20 March 2010

a rake, a rake

... my kingdom for a rake...

With apologies to Shakespeare and Richard III. Though perhaps in his off-time Richard had a garden that needed cleaning up? You really never know about those literary characters and how they spend their time off. Like in the Looney Tunes episodes with Ralph and Sam, the sheepdog and coyote, talking to each other and being friendly until they clocked in for their jobs and started pummeling each other. What do characters in books do when we're not looking?

But I digress. As usual.

The week's spring weather begged, teased me to come out. It was practically flirting with me. Warm sun melted the snow and the tiny spikes that will be daffodils started peeking out under my kitchen window. Out I went to start working on the vegetable garden as per my resolution, but it was mostly still under water. On to the garden by the house, which needed the leaves to be raked up. Looked in one barn. No rake. Tried another. No rake. Checked all the barns, for there are several (a little P&P Mr. Collins there). Nope. Asked the kids. No go.

Maybe the farm critters stole it... but, for the record, raking with one's hands is neither efficient nor enjoyable.

On the nature front, my open windows now reward us with the sounds of Canada geese returning, red-winged blackbirds and robins staking out their territory, and sweet air. We walked up our muddy laneway yesterday and found what we think is a squirrel skull. Pigeons are trying to roost in our barn, but D (and his shotgun) told them, emphatically, NO.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


M: What kind of cheese is that, Mommy?

me: Blue cheese. Know what the bluey-green stuff is in it?

M: Parsley?

me: Nope. Try it.

M: (tries some) Hmm, I'm not sure. What's the green stuff?

me: Mold.

M: (if I could describe the look on her face, oh, how I would. Not disgusted, more ... baffled. Not sure if she likes the strong taste)

me: Here, try it with a bit of pear.

M: (repeats the look, then pretends to fall over backwards) I'm gonna have this at my birthday party!

I love that our kids will try just about anything. Even cheese with mold in it. Today they were trying their hand at adding Hoisin sauce, Thai hot sauce, and Fish sauce to chicken broth to cook Udon noodles. Cooking by taste and scarfing down the results. Blue cheese at a 10th birthday party will be ... unique.

The downside? I was hoping to have this little wedge of blue all to myself. Oh well.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

grammar nerd

Of course I looked it up. This is me, after all.

'farther' and 'further' are generally interchangeable, but 'farther' generally refers to a greater physical distance and 'further' to a metaphorical one.

Now, aren't you glad you know?

going a step further

further? farther? ... but I digress.

I have gone one step more. I am daring the forces to smite me, throwing caution to the wind and laughing manaically, eyes ablaze, as I defy the oppression.

Laundry on the clothesline! Spring is coming!

Take that, winter.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

daring to hope for spring

I've tried to avoid it, tried to tell myself that winter will have its last hurrah and that the dripping of melting snow will be replaced by more of the frozen variety before spring truly comes. I am an adult and I shall be realistic. *stifled giggle here*

But alas, I still hope for that first whiff of a spring-y breeze. I stopped to just feel the warm sun on my face the other day as I walked to the creek and listened there to the gurgle of water just under the ice. Sam the dog, as usual, wasn't quite letting me enjoy the peace as he snuffed around the wood pile, likely scaring whatever critter was using it for shelter. Between thoughts of the garden and plans for spring and summer visitors, my mind has skipped happily ahead to the days when the fields will be green again and the creek will flow freely.

Two of the three girls are hard at work on their Historica projects. R has decided to take this year off, after several years of big projects. A, meanwhile, wanted very much to learn about the battle of Vimy Ridge from WW1, and M is busily putting together her work on the history of the Canadian Horse.

I had one of those surreal days last week, when I was interviewed by the lovely EP for an article in the Baptist Horizon. Meeting her via email and phone was a true delight as we discovered many shared interests. What I had thought would be stressful (interview? why me? oh no, think of something witty and deeply philosophical...) turned out to be over an hour's pleasant, laughing conversation with a new friend.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


I will get my garden going again this year. I was busy last summer and lacked the motivation to do it.

But that meant I missed out on so much that I love about summer.

The little green shoots poking up through the soil, the corn that's never, never tasted sweeter. The tomatoes that taste like tomatoes were meant to taste - even the smell of the plants themselves. Watching the girls walk through and eat raw carrots, beans, peas, lettuce, and whatever herbs catch their fancy. Fresh basil to put in scrambled eggs. Seeing order in my little gravel paths and seeing abundance come from dirt and seeds. The peace of early morning when I'm the only one up and I go out in the sun to do a little weeding, to check progress.

Definitely need to get it back this year.

I also have strange notions about trying to run a bit in the mornings. But let's not get carried away.