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Monday, 26 March 2007

back to normal?

Our first full day at home has been one of getting things and ourselves back to normal. Sort of. We had expected to be alone here at home today but my sister has been sick with the same thing D and mom had and so packing has been a wee bit difficult for her. I know D slept the day away while he was ill so this is no surprise.

On the positive side of things I have a lovely concoction bubbling away on the stove. Sort of a takeoff on jambalaya, a Cajun-inspired dish that usually has chicken, shrimp and sausage in a tomato base with rice. However since shrimp and chicken were lacking, it's just sausage. It seems to be a nice blending of flavors that are sweet and spicy and so far my taste testing has been good. Now if only I could remember what I put in it...

That's D's pet peeve with my cooking. I love to experiment and cook by taste - a bit of this, and a bit of that, and ooh, this would go nicely with it too and how about a dash of these? Problems arise when I do this and D absolutely loves it and then I try to remember just what all the this's and that's were. It's a running joke in our house. I'm getting better though, really I am.

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