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Thursday, 22 March 2007

sickness, take 2

So now that A is herself again, hubby D and my mom are down with the virus or whatever little accursed creature has caused this whole thing. So he's resting the day away and I've stayed close by today in case I'm needed.

For the kids, though, we plan to make the afternoon and evening eventful for them, doing things that just scream "vacation" - to the beach to see the waves, collect shells, and fly a kite, and later mini golfing at one of the four zillion places here at Myrtle Beach.

R has gone to the shooting range with Uncle B and was very excited about going to watch and push the buttons that fire the little clay discs out of the tower for B to shoot. Wonder if she'll fire a gun? I have gone skeet shooting a few times and absolutely loved it. The feel of the kick of a shotgun is oddly appealing. Maybe the raw power of it, maybe the huge BLAM as it goes off, maybe the excitement of seeing the little disc turn from a whole thing into pieces or even better, disappear into a cloud of black powder. I'm not very good, nowhere near the caliber (sorry, bad pun) of goaliemom, but I do enjoy it. And there's something fun about yelling "PULL!" that makes one feel very authoritative. I'm not sure I would ever hunt an animal myself, but I feel no pity for the clays.

R is very taken with the whole guns/shooting/hunting thing. She gravitates to the camo clothing in any store we go to. She has no desire to play these first-person shoot-em-up video games a la Doom, but did on this trip buy a video game where you go out and hunt on safaris and such. It's an interesting combination, given she loves and wants to work with animals (not kill them) when she grows up. It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds in her life.

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Jennifer said...

we have friends, who have a daughter, and she grew up on their 'farm' (really a forest with cows, bulls and pigs) and rockstar husband went over one day and found her wearing full coverall fishing pants, carrying a pellet gun and shooting the squirrels from the trees because they were interfering with their harvest. sounds like R.