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Tuesday, 13 March 2007

a week afield

It seems to be a week of field trips. The public schools are in March Break but since we're off to the hopefully sunny south next week, we're working through school in the mornings this week.

Monday: the War Museum. We usually try to get through the whole thing and end up with some 600 years of Canadian War history jumbled up in our minds. This time we tried a trick I've read about but never done: we chose two areas and did not leave them. The result was just what I was hoping for. The girls and I went quickly through the WW1 section (A loves to visit the walk-through trench they have set up), then slowly made our way through the WW2 section, reading every little caption and working together to make sure we got to really understand the exhibits. Since R had done her project, the D-Day portion and the Normandy campaign were fresh in her mind and she understood the context and the importance of the things she saw. Everything we found confirmed her research and parts that had not attracted our attention before suddenly had meaning for us. The Canadian War Museum is an amazing place, one well worth a visit or two. Or three.

Tuesday: (Today) The Ottawa Valley Farm Show! We get to feel like real farmers for a day as we go to the show and see exhibitors for all sorts of things, from 4-H and livestock to the girls' favorite: huge tractors with 6' high tires. Add in all the info on barns and farm life in general, and we get the same feeling that so many get from a home show: hey, this would be cool to do! And this, and this, and this, and this!

Wednesday: we plan to spend the afternoon with a lovely lady from our church who is personally a real inspiration to me but for the purpose of this visit we are going to enjoy her amazing talent for art and painting. She's going to do an afternoon workshop with the girls and their cousins.

That's enough for now. School starts in 5 minutes.

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