I hope I never lose my sense of wonder. If that makes me naive, then so be it.

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

i had forgotten

This morning I went riding with R, on a trail ride through South Carolina forests and along the Intercoastal Waterway. I had forgotten how good it feels to go riding. I love horseback riding and while I did lots as a kid, I simply haven't done it as often as I'd like as an adult. That whole money thing, you know. It ain't cheap.

But there I sat today, riding through the forest - very different from a Canadian forest, with pine trees soaring overhead, covered with some sort of climbing vine, trees with glossy leaves like rhododendrons, and sand underfoot. As we approached the waterway we started to see oyster shells on the ground. We rode around a small lake that apparently has a couple of alligators in it. And as I enjoyed the peace and quiet, I looked ahead at R riding her horse and thoroughly enjoying her own little experience. It was good.

We came home to find that D had taken A & M to mini golf. It was great to see A getting to have some fun today, though her appetite isn't quite back yet. Tonight we went to an aquarium and had a blast going through a glass tunnel under sharks and rays, then reaching into the water to touch rays as they swam around. Watching the underwater reefs was mesmerizing. I think I could have sat there for hours. Very peaceful. Of course, then we went to the gift shop where A was delighted to find a plastic cutlass that made clanging sounds when you pressed a button, and all three girls launched into a heated sword fight with cousin Bean. A fun day, all in all.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll go running for a bit. I want to start getting back into shape so I can be at least somewhat ready for the Try-a-Tri in May. So running down here would be good. Perhaps I can just walk really fast while I'm shopping at the outlet malls ... would that count as aerobic exercise? Yeah. Power shopping. That's it.


Bee said...

ok- so I got the blog address wrong- it will work, but I can't seem to get to it again to add anything- my "new" blog address is Spread the news- woohoo. People can now read about my fascinating life :P

Jennifer said...

i think if you do deep knee bends and bend completely at the waist while trying on clothes you'll be ok.