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Sunday, 18 March 2007

one long journey later

Here I sit in Myrtle Beach, after a drive that was full of experiences. Yes, let's call it that. Experience. Normally I enjoy long drives (see last post), but this was a trip unlike any others. Basically, we drove for several hours through snow, finally pulling off the road at midnight to sleep and wait for the road crews to do their road crew thing. The slow going and overnight stop added some 12 hours to the trip. We may have been able to soldier on had it not been for dear A's continued sickness.

Her trip was a blur of trying to drink water, throwing it up, and drifting in and out of consciousness. Halfway through the trip I was going into 'worst mommy ever' mode - what was I doing, having this sick child somewhere in the wilds of I-81? But continue we did, and A continued losing food. In her typical style she kept on counting and as it ended up she was sick 20 times in 36 hours. We arrived in Myrtle Beach, dropped off the older two to Grandpa & Grandma's care, then took her to the local 24-hour medical center. Sure enough, a stomach virus had her dehydrated. One bag of saline IV later she was noticeably better.

Today was spent resting and recouping. She's still wiped out but much more herself. Keeping food down and snoozing, mostly. But we're here and able to have some fun with family.

Time for bed.

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Heather said...

Our last family holiday began with a sick child also. We decided we should see the doctor before we left so instead of the 7am departure we were prepared for we departed at about 10:30am with antibiotics for a very sever ear infection. I'm glad A is feeling better and I hope you have a very enjoyable holiday. (It's nice to see you are going to keep us updated while you are away)