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Monday, 4 May 2009

wish you could hear it

Dad, this post is for you!

On Thursday night I pulled out the old guitar at band rehearsal and Uberguitarist plugged it in, just for a quick sample of the sound.

A bit grungy, and bluesy. What you might call a raunchy sound, though your choice of words might depend upon whom you're talking to. For example, I probably wouldn't describe it to the queen that way. I don't think she's a guitarist, anyhow.

I love it. Thanks for the loan, Dad.

New tuning hardware is on order; the tuning pegs are the original 1955 plastic and with any turning are likely to crumble into space age plastic powder. The new hardware is reproduction, in a nickel finish, and will make the guitar tunable and playable, while saving the vintage ones to keep the guitar valuable.

Tonight it's off to the studio to start the acoustic tracks.

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