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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

something new

Studio time last night was amazing. Uberguitarist finished acoustic tracks for 4 or 5 songs, getting most of them in a couple of takes with the occasional "punch in". This is one of the fun things about digital recording; if the take was great except for one or two little parts, we go back afterward and Tim starts the playback a few bars before then wipes the old part as a new one is added. It's like cut-and-paste sound. A few hours' work and things were sounding great.

Then we did a scratch track of the new song I've worked up. Uberguitarist and I had never played it together before, so one runthrough was for Tim to hear it as well as for us to figure out the structure. And it did, indeed, make the cut. The twelfth song on the CD will be the aptly-named "Something New". Simplest song I've ever written, short and low in my range so it ends up sort of husky/jazz sounding - and I loved it. Tim and Uberguitarist both thought it was awesome and I surprised myself by actually liking the sound of my voice on the first rough take. We might use the classical guitar on this one, since the almost medieval-sounding guitar will have that rich, mellow sound.

Aaaah. Feels good.

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