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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

the divine miss m

M is nine today. When I figure out where the time goes so quickly, I will grab it and put it somewhere safe, maybe in a bottle as the song suggests.

We woke her this morning by singing 'Happy Birthday', which she listened to, smiled, then said "sleepy time!" and dove back under her covers. She's enjoyed the treat of having Grandma and Grandpa S here today, and is looking forward to a shopping trip this afternoon (carrying her new purse and wearing her new shades) before her family party at supper tonight.

Our little girl is sweet, silly, loves the spotlight and yet enjoys just sitting and playing with kids who are younger than herself. I believe this afternoon's foray will result in the addition of many pink things to our house.

Happy birthday, Meeka.

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Jennifer said...

I just picked her up the most adorable pink 'scarf' that you can wear as a headband, a belt or around your neck!