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Thursday, 21 May 2009

the irony worked

Adding extra words to the song about not enough words did, in fact, make it better, however ironic it was.

When I get beyond ghost-track stage I'll post an mp3. At Tuesday night's session, the third verse was readily approved by Uberguitarist and Tim with a few little timing changes, and ended up being a sort of bridge in the middle of the two other verses. It also let me play a bit vocally, and when I heard playback I was shocked at the sound of my voice. Shocked in a good way, because I'd always wanted but never hit that particular quality. It's a very low song and hits beyond what used to be the bottom of my range, also a cool thing.

As Uberguitarist was laying down some twelve-string on one of the faster songs, I sat there listening and again marvelling at how much each additional layer of sound was bringing the song to life, how something only heard in my head is now becoming truly audible, and how Tim was able to hear all this from just the piano and vocal I first gave him.

Next week we plan a full day of studio time to start the electric guitars. I am so looking forward to that!

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