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Sunday, 10 May 2009

my inner poet

I like to write. I can't create storylines (tried. can't.), but I can write descriptively. At least, I enjoy reliving ideas to try to capture the fragments of a moment in some words. That's the extent of my prose and the substance of most of this blog.

A couple of years back Seren, Eek and I spent a few weeks throwing phrases at each other as a writing exercise. One of us would choose a phrase, perhaps something abstract or something that seemed commonplace - and that phrase was to be the starting point of a free-written poem that we shared with the others. The goal was to just write, and it was interesting as some of the poems ended up going in directions I wouldn't have thought before I started writing.

I stumbled across the four poems I wrote that September, so I feel like posting them here. Then they shall be as immortalized as anything can be on the tenuous threads of the internet. Not quite carved in stone, but at least off my hard drive.

The first phrase was: "questions without answers".

Questions without answers
Unbidden, come to mind
All it seems I most desire
Is gone,
Behind a wall of my own making

As rustlings and whimperings echo
Asking, always asking
But never satisfied.
Why, who, what - all is empty
So the echoes continue

I call, I beckon to something
That eludes me
I scream, I cry out
But it does not obey
Did it ever listen?
Will I ever learn?

Or worse: will I give up?
To strive, to fight is life
Apathy is the slow descent
Into mere existence, a shadow
Of what should be

So I fight. I scream.
I ask.

Sept 2006


Jennifer said...

ah yes.
i wonder if we should do that again....

barb said...

It was a great stretch for me, and lots of fun to see what each person came up with - so many different directions from the same starting point.