I hope I never lose my sense of wonder. If that makes me naive, then so be it.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

something else new

Most days I just go along, thinking "whatever" as to my looks. I have a wonderful husband who makes me smile by calling me his "red-hot smokin' wife" and that is all the confirmation I need. It's not like the chickens care. They just wonder if I've brought them some lettuce or tomatoes.

So this week was really fun. I got impulsive on Tuesday and called the hair place for my once a year haircut (sad, I know) and got cool coppery streaky highlights put in. But the real change was my defiance of every study on computer games that I've ever read. Since playing World of Warcraft in the evenings instead of watching TV, I have - get this - lost weight. A full size, at least. Yeah.

Bottom line is, since I've been playing, I haven't been snacking (and oh, the snacks - baguette dipped in olive oil, mmmm). So while I will admit that the real reason my pants were getting looser is the combination of more physical activity (hello, spring!) and the essential elimination of my after-supper snacking, it amuses me to credit a computer game. And so I do.

Last night we went out for Thai food with Seren, RSH, and B&E. Nice dinner, much fun and laughs, and a great excuse to dress up. And I LOVE this pic of us!!!

Today I'm back to sweats and a tshirt. The chickens are calling.


sue said...

It is a great pic. Could he hold you any tighter??

barb said...

Not sure ... but then, I wasn't complaining!

Jennifer said...

he was wearing his business socks. it was wednesday. he knew what that meant.