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Thursday, 14 May 2009

last of the poems

One phrase our little writing group worked with was "when we were in Rome". That one piqued my attention because of an earlier journal entry about how my thoughts often seemed to wend their way back to JB and that it seemed that all roads did lead to 'Rome'. It became a word between me and goaliemom that meant talking and remembering about him, little reminiscences that we shared.

So the seeming vacation bent of the phrase was left behind by me, and it became something else. This one was, I think, my favorite in a poignant way.

When in Rome

seems I can't escape
the need to tell you
what it all means
but then I've not quite got it yet

so here we are again
same place, different time
trying to pin it down
and failing gloriously

but isn't Rome about glory?
and don't all roads lead here?
grand avenues, twisting alleys
boulevards on which you simply must be seen

so here we are again
thought we were going away from it
when we were in Rome
things made sense, somehow

I strike out in new directions
running madly anywhere else
but wait, around the corner,
is that Rome up ahead?

so here we are again
and I know you're waiting
as I look down a road
wondering if it leads, finally, out

August 2006

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