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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

new day

Last night at the studio I looked at Tim and Uberguitarist and said, "ok, guys, you do realize that having to write more words for a song about not being able to find words is pretty ironic, right?"

It was a strange balance to strike. But I think I nailed it. After a good night's sleep, I woke and bashed what may well be the third verse for "Something New" out of my head. Some tweaking may still happen and I honestly don't know where the tune will go, but lyrically it does add and completes the thought in a way that has me quite happy.

To continue on in my posting of little poems, there was this one from the phrase "a glimpse of the wilderness". I cheated on this one and never actually used the phrase, but instead wrote out paired descriptions of things that called the phrase to mind. It's not my favorite but I did like some of the imagery.

A Glimpse of the Wilderness

down a dirty alleyway
along country lanes
through strands of trees
and manicured lawns
in fleet-footed deer
and pedigreed purebreds
in cattail-laden ponds
on clipped golf fairways
in the disarray of a field of flowers
and the careful symmetry of tulips
in rocky, craggy angularity
and smooth green knolls
in tart wild berries
and sanitized, homogenized excuses for food
in the eyes of one who has seen too much
and the smile of a child

Sept 2006

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