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Saturday, 2 May 2009

i hate when that happens

Yesterday started out well enough, with plans for the evening all figured out to accommodate R to youth group, multiple errands, and maybe even some mini golf for D and I with the younger girls.

All was set to go, I was doing a little playing online (World of Warcraft. Yes, I play that. Where else could I get to swing a sword like that and not break something or get arrested?) and chatting with my brother and a friend when I saw the type get blurry. Focus was going and I couldn't make out the words. Oh, goody. Migraine. I signed off, took the max dose of tylenol or whatever pain-eradicating stuff we have (I was trusting R on this one as I couldn't read the label), and went to bed. An hour later I woke up and, thankfully, had averted the worst of it.

I get a true migraine once, maybe twice a year. The vision thing is a little strange (apparently a very normal symptom, they call it an aura. So I do have an aura of something about me, no? heehee) but I do appreciate the early warning that lets me head off the worst of it. If I drug & nap while the vision thing is going on and before the actual headache slams into my brain, I can avoid the bulk of the misery.

The evening plans got pared down to dropping R off, picking up D from work, then coming home. But I did manage one errand that will make life lovely - picked up some very heavy car parts that D and a great guy from our church will use to make the Subaru drivable again! Oh joy, oh bliss!

Life with two vehicles. Strange after 3 months, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

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