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Monday, 11 June 2007


That is the course of my week, spending a good chunk of it with an amazing crew of kids (I say 'kids' but most of the choir are in their upper teens) from Montgomery, Alabama. I am resisting the urge to say "y'all" and am glad that it is a nice hot week. Many of the group told me it wasn't what they expected Canada to be like. Come in February, I told them, that'll be more like it.

Saturday and Sunday are a blur. Soccer Saturday morning, setup on Saturday afternoon for a party, and off to recital for R & A that evening. Both did well and after sitting for 2.5 hours it was nice to watch my kids for their 2 minutes of fame. Sunday was church in the morning, our band leading some songs and the choir doing a few, then wrapping it all up with one big song together. Sunday afternoon was the party at the farm. We figure we topped 200 people here, a new record. Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves, and it was good as always to be able to share our home, give people a little bit of the country to enjoy, and have lunch all together. I had to leave while the party was still going strong to take M to her recital, which was again well done. When I got home most of the crowd had gone and it was cleanup time. D very kindly went downtown to another church to borrow some sound equipment for the week, and then I took a last walk around outside after the kids were in bed for another late night.

As much as I love seeing the farm full of people and life, it was so refreshing to walk around after it was empty again and just enjoy that this is our home, our place of peace and contentment. The fireflies were coming out again and the crickets and frogs were singing.

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