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Monday, 25 June 2007


Many thanks to futsaldreamer for that word! I didn't know I would get title submissions. Today, though, I do feel as if I can get a lot done. We shall see.

A good weekend, not too busy but nicely so. The sleepover was fun without too much late giggling heard from the tent (set up indoors, given the cold overnight temperatures); Saturday included a trip to the local TSC store (picture Home Depot for farmers), and some much-needed family time. Church yesterday morning, the afternoon spent mostly outside cleaning baby furniture and working in the veggie garden. Supper included the first food from this summer's garden in the form of some lovely spinach in the salad.

Baby furniture, you ask? No, there is not a 4th little one on the way here. In fact, the furniture is leaving us, on its way today to a young woman I have spoken to only on the phone. A local pregnancy center, First Place, offers support to young single moms who decide to keep their baby and need some help getting started. One way they do this is through a network of donations. We had told them some of the things we had, and a week or so ago I got a phone call from Miss F who has just had her first baby and when I told her what I could take to her, she told me over and over in heavily accented English how much she appreciated it.

So yesterday I pulled the playpen, the highchair, and the baby swing down from the storage in the barn. Then I realized how dirty they had gotten. For the next hour or two I scrubbed, and wiped, and tossed things in the wash, and bleached, and scrubbed some more. The stuff looks almost new. I was thinking as I did it that spending some time like this was a good thing. By having it all clean and ready to use I wanted to show Miss F some respect and perhaps even some dignity (I have no idea of her personal situation, but really, who among us doesn't feel better when someone does something that speaks of respect?). And while I scrubbed, I prayed for her - for her strength as a single mom, for her and her baby's health. Maybe I shall never see her after today, but I figure if I can be a little bit of God's love in her life, then it's worth my time and effort.

The chickens seem to be quite happy and Cheeky is definitely looking better, even growing back some feathers where the bite had been. She's still mostly separate from the others but R has been bringing her out with them for supervised visits ... "now, play nicely, girls..."

Yesterday afternoon also brought to my ears the first cuts of some song tracks from uber-guitarist. He had taken some raw tracks we recorded at his place and come up with some ideas for guitar and bass parts. Some things I liked better than others, but just hearing my songs done up like that was cool. From what he's given me we can start picking the things that work and eliminating what doesn't (for example, I am thinking now that "Let it Go" needs no piano, really. The laid-back jazz style just asks for a guitar/bass combo).

Today is delivering the furniture, then to a couple of stores including Chapters so A can spend some of the bday gift cards that are burning a hole in her pocket. I think this week may actually approach normal.

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futsaldreamer said...

Wow tears :). How better to describe it. I think you did wonders for Miss F. You're awesome, a wonderful person, a "fine" friend and challenging to my selfish self.