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Wednesday, 20 June 2007


It's amazing how a person's reaction can make you feel like you've done something more than you really have. Little A yesterday opened her gifts, delighted with them all, especially a camouflage shirt from goaliemom and Uncle B. The fact that it was real hunter's camo, not the generic pattern, was a definite plus. What a little girlie girl I have (not).

Her biggest smiles came when we went to the store to buy her a bike. Her own bike, a real mountain bike with gears and everything. New, off the shelf. Not pre-owned by anyone. As the second of three girls, she gets much in the way of hand-me-downs. To have a NEW new bike is a first for her. And we the parents we pleased to have made her so happy with it. As soon as we got home she was out for a spin; when D got home he was promptly taken out to see her new treasure.

Friends over in the morning for an impromptu visit, errands including the bike in the afternoon, and a family birthday supper chosen by A (tortellini with Alfredo sauce and steamed asparagus), the day rounded out well. The party is a Friday night camping sleepover, for which I plan to make a cake that looks like a tent. Silly me.

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