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Friday, 15 June 2007


War update: all quiet on the chicken front. Finally. D had set up his own version of a grassy knoll and went out a couple of times last night to see if a target would present itself, but no action was to be had.

CSI:Farm update: the hen injured in the previous night's attack did turn out to have some wounds; I found puncture wounds from the raccoon's teeth in her side. She's getting antibiotic ointment and is also separated from the others. I am running out of wards for ill hens. Of course with wounds there is also the whole did-the-raccoon-have-rabies question. Yippee.

Yesterday much got accomplished, from caring for sick birds to making temporary fenced safe zones for the hens, then making a new door for the coop. The ball game was fun too. Today is the big finale at a local farm attraction, with a free meal, a concert by the choir, and fun with the farm's hedge mazes and stuff for the kids. I'm nursing a sore throat, not surprising given my lack of sleep and being out at silly times of the night.

Before that I'll be doing the hen nursing thing, weeding my veggie garden, and other such farm-ish activities like updating my facebook.

Tomorrow I shall collapse in a heap.


sue said...

I guess if the chicken starts foaming at the beak, you know you have a problem.

barb said...

that's what I figured. Guess there's no danger of her transmitting it by bite, seeing as she has no teeth.

Jennifer said...

hmm..that could be a movie. rabid chickens of the glennie farm...

Unknown said...

mmm rabbit-chickens. You only have to worry if they start hopping around.