I hope I never lose my sense of wonder. If that makes me naive, then so be it.

Thursday, 21 June 2007


in·di·um Pronunciation Key - in-dee-uhm
–noun Chemistry.
a rare metallic element, soft, white, malleable, and easily fusible, found combined in various ore minerals, esp. sphalerite: so called from the two indigo-blue lines in its spectrum. Symbol: In; atomic weight: 114.82; atomic number: 49; specific gravity: 7.3 at 20°C.

There, don't you feel better knowing that? Next time you have a chunk of sphalerite in your hand, see if there's any indium in it. It could happen.

I had nothing really to say that began with "in" and it seemed like a fun random thing to do. Life is quiet these days; upkeep at the farm, prep for A's sleepover tomorrow, band practice tonight. I had to make the reluctant decision to not serve on the board of the regional homeschooling association, something that certainly intrigued me and seemed like a great experience and a chance to help out, but when viewed in the light of my current activities and priorities, would be the "one more thing" that made it all too much.

On the chicken front, I am realizing that I may have to be pragmatic and poor Chaos may need to be culled. The sad reality of even hobby farming rears its head. There is no improvement and she'd likely have the same thing recur even if it did heal. Which begs two questions: (a) can I do it? and (b) do we eat her for dinner if I can? Icky factor aside, I'm not sure if she's completely healthy and don't want to go the whole food-poisoning route.


Jennifer said...

don't eat her. that's just gross. maybe you could use her for bait?

futsaldreamer said...

Uuuuuggghhhhhh....I'm nauseous just thinking about it. Don't eat her. And, if you do - I'll block that blog out from my memory.
And, make sure she isn't live bait...

Do you realize you used the word intriguing in your blog ? :p Though, now I do feel much more enlightened :D

barb said...

Ah, now won't you all be wondering next time you see me eating a chicken sandwich???

I've decided though - no eating. Don't want to chance illness. Not ready to go that whole route anyway.