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Tuesday, 12 June 2007


Where am I again?

Yesterday was so fun to be involved and help out the team in lots of little ways, picking stuff up and taking people places. The party downtown was a great time for the choir and the kids and the folks who attended. Today will be more of the same with another printer pickup, singing at two seniors' homes and then singing for a group that serves people with different disabilities and needs. Another party in the park tonight.

The girls are doing well with our crazy schedule, but nothing is getting done at home. That's the inefficient part; I'm doing lots but nothing's happening here. It's very different from the norm for me; typically a day's hard work shows results here at home and so I'm not feeling very efficient when I get here at the end of the day and look around.

But D bought me a sweet new vocal microphone (yay!!), so that makes everything better. Right?


futsaldreamer said...
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futsaldreamer said...

On a Kingdom work note - sounds efficient to me.'re helping impact people you don't know for Christ, you're exposing your girls to some of the most important work in life. I'm sure there is more, but my mind is swamped now.

Aaaahhhhh - I wish I could be doing what you guys are doing. Work just doesn't have that eternal value ring to it....

Bee said...

right- new toys make everything better. Besides, even if you did the housework this week, it'd still be waiting for you next week! You go girl- wish I could be out there with you the whole time instead of just a bit here and there