I hope I never lose my sense of wonder. If that makes me naive, then so be it.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007


The heat yesterday was really over the top, one of those days when I realize that the pool is definitely worth all the work. The morning was spent sweating at the go-kart place for R's birthday, then to our friends' place for more time with her friends at their pool. She had a wonderful day and spending it with her buddies was one of the highlights for her. After all the activity, though, she appreciated some nice quiet time with me, floating on the pool, talking and just being together.

The heat really showed through at bedtime - just too much. The air conditioning hadn't been on and would have taken too long anyway. Upstairs never quite gets cool enough. Duct situation, maybe? Poor D tried to go sleep downstairs but still couldn't get comfortable. The girls all slept sprawled across their beds. The end is in sight though, as thunderstorms should roll their way in tonight.

Also intense yesterday in an amusing way was A's go-kart driving. It was her very first time being at the wheel, having attained the magic height required. She started out after us and on one lap stalled, so M and I were able to lap her. She was focusing on her driving until we pulled alongside, and then she looked over and very deliberately pushed the gas pedal harder. Cute. Then, when I slowed enough to let her pass us, she had this very self-satisfied happy look on her face. No open smile, just a little tight-lipped grin and sparkling eyes as she passed.

Today, my first real day home this week, will be hiding from the heat and doing all those little mundane things that make our home less chaotic.

And on the farm front, I am still thinking about goats. Or maybe sheep. Baa. We shall see.


futsaldreamer said...

So, what does one do with goats and/or sheep ?

I think there should be rule. If you name them you can't eat them :p

barb said...

Depends - sheep are raised for fleece or meat; goats can be for milk, fiber, or meat. They also eat all the plants that horses and cows don't like in the pastures, which is a definite plus in their favor. It's still very much in the "what if" phase of our thinking.

I'm not sure about that rule - what if we named one of the chickens "Parmesan" or "Cacciatore"? Or knight one of the cattle and call him Sir Loin of Beef?

Jennifer said...

if you raise sheep, i'd be happy to eat one. and goats. i'd eat your goats too. i'm not picky. after i've seen what you feed your chickens, i think they eat better than i do!