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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

so far, so good

Feeling much better muscle-wise than from the last run. This is a good thing. I'll do it again today.

The sun is shining, and a day of school and working around here awaits. I originally had nowhere to go today (generally something I prefer, given my love of the farm and my disgust with current fuel prices. $90 to fill my truck was downright depressing), but have learned that there is a meeting for the parents and kids in the provincial Historica fair, so we're in for that.

Today I will get out the deck chairs for the front porch. There have been some mornings and evenings beckoning me out there, and sitting on the concrete steps just isn't as nice. It's good to get out there before the bugs come. The kids will learn about fractions and integers and plants and objects of prepositions, R will re-acquaint herself with the details of her project in preparation for Provincials, and there will be those little times of learning together that I truly cherish.

R continues to work on her book, a work of medieval-style adventure, while A has started writing a little story about the adventures of some kittens. Reading her opening page made me very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the writing - very engaging and with well-chosen words. It's the first I've seen of her trying her hand at creative writing and she's doing a good job, just like her big sister. I guess it underlines the fact that letting your kids read good, well-written books goes a long way toward teaching how to write well. And it saves me time on teaching, so it's all good.

M is having a few days away with goaliemom, an overdue trip originally planned for Feb/March but stymied by a snowstorm. Apparently a good time is being had and I wonder if M will want to come back to her life of chores and school. Ah, the drudgery of it all.


sue said...

M says she wants to go back, but would like to forgo the chores and school. Blue will miss her terribly when she returns home. She spoils him royally!
We are off to deliver Blue to his sitters.
I've created a facebook account and have been writing with Stanzi... I'll fill you in later.

Jennifer said...

oooh! i'm on facebook too! wanna be my friend?

sue said...

YES!... how do we do that??

Jennifer said...

ummm...dunno. can you copy and then e-mail me the link to your facebook?

sue said...

think I figured it out...