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Thursday, 3 May 2007

tearing down walls

I know that titles like that are usually symbolic, metaphorical statements for breaking down boundaries between people. This time it isn't. I ripped apart a stone wall yesterday and it was fun.

On the front porch of our little farmhouse there was a 3-foot tall planter built of stone to make an end wall beside the driveway and it housed two plastic containers full of mostly dirt and moss. Not a very effective planter. It looked nice enough, however the side facing out was right under the edge of the roof and over time rain water had weakened the mortar between the stones. The whole thing could be rocked back and forth. It has always been a concern of mine that it would come down and hurt someone. So yesterday, with memories of Reagan saying "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!", I started. The weakness of it all is underscored by the fact that I used no tools whatsoever - bare hands. While not quite as amazing as the Berlin Wall coming down, for the farm it was rather exciting. At least the robins seemed to think so.

So now it's down, the dirt swept up, the stone piled on the lawn, and a hole in the siding of the house that is like a history lesson. There is the aluminum siding, under which is siding made of asphalt with a brick pattern on it - ugly - and then, under that, the original (I think) exterior of the house. Once upon a time it was painted white, board & batten. That will need to be covered up, but at least the danger is gone.

Run last night - 2km in 14.5 minutes. I walked a total of maybe 20 feet. It felt so good. So there you go, a mental wall in my running has come down. I guess I was being metaphorical, after all.


sue said...

well done on the run!

We're leaving here right after lunch. There was construction on the way to the airport dad noticed... and you know what he thinks about being late...

Jennifer said...

that is awesome!!! you go girl!