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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

strange awakening

Last night the girls at the sleepover had a fun time, the last finally drifting off to sleep around 11:30. I expected a nice sleeping in time, but heard voices again at 6:45. Ah well. And then I heard it.


Very rhythmic, very regular, sounding for all the world like a woodpecker, except for one problem: it wasn't wood, it was metal. Sure enough, on looking out the window, I saw a woodpecker sitting on the aluminum farm gate, looking around and then pecking it for all he was worth.

Maybe he was trying it for kicks because all the cool woodpeckers were being rebels like that. Maybe he just pecked something a wee bit too hard and shook something loose in his brain. I have no idea.

The other highlight of the morning: the arrival of this season's tenant cows and calves. The farmer brought them over in a trailer, and out they came and immediately set to the important task of eating grass. I can see them out the window as I type and I always like to see them in the fields. It makes it feel like an official farm.

Today while out I bought some annuals for planters, the girls each choosing one to be 'their' plant. M chose pink petunias (surprise, surprise), A chose a red & white dianthus, very pretty, and R opted to plant sunflower seeds. I also got another 1/2 cubic yard of gravel to complete the garden, and mailed a parcel to goaliemom. After I neatly wrapped and sealed it, I realized that in it I had left the sharpie marker I had planned to use to write her address on it. So, GM, consider it a wee extra gift.

And the lawn has been mowed. It's the time of year when I really have to make an attempt to keep the house tidy. Who wants to stay inside and do housework when there's so much to do out in the nice weather? (to that end, who wants to do housework, period).

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