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Thursday, 24 May 2007

stuff takes over

Summer weather has arrived, the heat is there but it is oh so nice to work in without the attendant humidity that I know will come later. I got three tractor bucketfuls of rotten wood carted away from the barn site.

Yesterday, school work got nicely wrapped up, the girls highly motivated on realizing that with a little hard work, they will be done the core academics (math, grammar, and spelling) this Friday. That's tomorrow. After that there's science and history still to continue, but as M says, "yeah, but that's FUN".

A science lesson unfolded yesterday as several hours were spent at the creek by the girls, catching frogs and tadpoles and minnows and crayfish. R noted that there seemed to be fewer crayfish this year, but perhaps it's still early. A caught the fattest frog I've ever seen in our creek, christened it "Fribby" and proceeded to make a little home for him (her?) in a bucket so she could play with him. Before long it was true love and thus began the lesson on frogs needing to be in their habitat, not in our house (while I was checking email, A came in, bucket in hand and frog in bucket, to ask if she could keep it). They did learn that the frog did not like to eat grass and didn't try to catch a minnow. Many other frogs were caught, mostly trim little leopard frogs, but Fribby was definitely the star of the day. After our habitat talk, A gently released Fribby and happily watched him swim away. I have a feeling she'll try to catch him again.

But today, which begins with birds singing and a lovely warm sun, beckoning me to more lawn that needs mowing and a garden that needs watering and another garden that needs (oh, desperately needs) weeding, and a veggie garden that needs a couple loads of gravel, and a driveway still full of potholes, and a torn-down barn site that still needs some rocks and chinking removed, and a chicken coop that needs cleaning. It threatens to be taken over by stuff that needs to be planned on the phone and via email. Ugh. I think I have a preference for physical work. But stuff needs to get done. It has a habit of doing that.

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