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Monday, 14 May 2007

feelin' lazy

Sort of like feelin' groovy, but less cool.

I'm tired after a busy weekend, from a bday party Saturday morning for our 1-year-old nephew to errands Saturday afternoon and a tiki party that night that was cause for much fun (couldn't find a grass skirt, but did manage to get a plastic lei that made me look like a tacky Hawaiian tourist). Also the afternoon saw the removal of more logs from the now very flat barn, with D chaining each log on and me being the heavy equipment operator with the tractor. Driving that thing is a bit of a power trip but I just love how I can accomplish stuff by myself with it.

Yesterday was Mother's Day : breakfast in bed, of course, right? Haha, you're so funny. We got up early to go and set up sound equipment on the stage for church, have the band rehearsal and sound checks, and then had the service. Afternoon was spent being singularly unproductive, having a late lunch and then home to do a wee bit of work in the garden. The girls gave me lots of tissue paper flowers and cards and reminded me of the favorite things about my life. A bit of an interrupted sleep though, cuddling a scared little M and helping her chase away bad dreams.

Today is the start of yet another busy week. The seeds are still crying at me to be planted. Sigh. Me, I just feel tired.

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Bee said...

Don't worry- my seeds aren't planted yet either. Sigh.