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Friday, 18 May 2007

hold that thought

Today was all ready to go. Phone calls planned for the coming choir trip. Going to see R at the Historica showcase. Cleaning house in preparation for visitors this weekend. School lessons for A&M. Laundry on the clothesline. Packing my bag for tomorrow's race. A very busy day, not much room to spare.

And then, something small yet something big. The key for the tractor is missing.

We have only one, and it's not where I was sure I left it. I distinctly remember putting it in my pocket when I put the tractor back in the barn last Sunday, yet it's not in the pocket. It's not anywhere in my room, or the hook where it's supposed to live, it's not in the tractor. It's one little key on our farm. There is no second backup key.

The tractor is our lawn mower and the mover of all things huge. This weekend was planned to do some farm cleanup with said tractor. The grass is growing. I am most seriously annoyed, mostly at myself since what I remember couldn't have been what actually happened. Unless the key has grown legs.

So, all else is on hold until I can find the stupid thing.


futsaldreamer said... that ever frustrating. Will pray you find it :)

sue said...

God knows where it is!! Praying He will share that information with you!