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Thursday, 17 May 2007

in the swim

One more thing to prep for the Tri: swimming. Haven't been in a pool since last summer, but then it's only swimming 100m, so shouldn't be a big issue. To plan the staggered start though, the organizers like it if you can know how long the swim will take you. I decided to make the most of it and and we'll head out to a public swim so I can get my time and A & M can have a fun time too at the pool. I'm looking forward to a stagger start for the swim; last year's mass start had me getting kicked in the head a few times. I ended up stopping the crawl and shifting to breaststroke so I could keep my head up and out of the range of feet.

I also found out I can wear my ipod during the run so will have to decide between using the tunes that have helped me keep going and just taking in the ambient noise of the event. One thing I loved about the race last year was the whole culture of the event: total strangers cheering you on, yelling "you can do it!", encouraging smiles and waves. Perhaps I'll wear it and then not listen? Decisions, decisions.

Dropping off R went pretty well, I put on my "have a great time, hon!" face and she settled in well. I was choked up most of the drive home. *sigh* I wonder if that gets any easier after the first time. She called last night to say goodnight and told us she'd had a fun evening and already made a friend or two.


sue said...

No, it doesn't get any easier. There are times it will be harder than this was. And it's okay that we cry. I cry every time I leave Ben. I'm already dreading his going to NZ.

Jennifer said...

aaaaaa!!! you can wear your ipod during the run? booooznya!

Jennifer said...

just checked. no ipods allowed girl.

barb said...

I just got that email too. Ah well, 2km isn't that long. Guess that makes the decisions easier!