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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

good tired

What a weekend. Friday: the great key hunt, a visit to the Archives Building to see R at Historica. She looked happy and mature and it was great to see her goofing around with friends she'd made there. As they left to go to Rideau Hall, A&M and I went back home. Then it was dance class and returning home, shortly joined by goaliemom and our parents. The house was filling up!

Saturday: Try-a-Tri. I woke at 2:30, then 5:00, then 5:30 (convinced it was 8:00 and I had overslept), and finally up at 5:45. I drove in going over thing in my head and getting to thinking I might not be able to do it all, and why did I do something so silly. Serendipity and rockstar hubby pulled in just after and parked right beside me which was awesome. Got all ready for the race, thankful for the sun because the air was cold! The swim went pretty well, about 2:00. The run to the bike was farther, I'm sure, than 500m, but I did run the whole way, then on the bike. Serendipity ROCKED on the bike leg, starting after me and finishing just ahead of me, and then the run.

Ugh. I started out, and there it was: why am I doing this I hate running and I'm tired from the rest and a little walk wouldn't hurt would it? But I pushed through it, imagining the Nickelback song in my head and reminding myself that I had done close to this before. I did the run with no stops and in 12:16. Broke my training best by a minute and a half. Coming into the finish chute, there were my parents, goaliemom, A and M, and of course D. It was good to have done it again. It was better to have done it without stopping. I checked the results later and I finished 67th out of 176 racers. I felt pretty good about that.

Saturday afternoon was spent working on a brick garden border. Something I started a while back, a good bit of farm recycling - using the bricks from a torn-down chimney to make a flat border around the veggie garden boxes. From Saturday to Monday, greatly aided by goaliemom and Bee, the whole garden was encircled by a nicely rustic looking border, and all the bricks were cleared out of the barn. This week: pea gravel for the inside of all that. Perhaps I shall find a way to get all fancy and post a photo when it is all done.

Saturday night: picked up R from Historica. She had a wonderful time and was completely tired out!

Sunday: church in the morning (most of the worship team in Sens jerseys, courtesy of Saturday's series win), then lunch and Bee and I tearing down a burnt-out shed that has sat at the end of our laneway looking very forlorn and ugly since the tree was hit by lightning and started a fire that took out half of the shed two years ago. So, much hauling of planks and charred joists happened there. Demolition is fun. Sunday night was a special supper in honor of our Dad, who turns 70 next month. A good way to celebrate such a truly wonderful man.

Monday: holiday! Up and off to breakfast at Serendipity's house (yummy and fun), then back to the farm for the guys to do much cleanup around the place. The barn debris is almost entirely gone, and another load came in from the shed by the road. The lawn got cut, the brick debris put away, and after everyone had gone home, our little clan went for a walk across the creek and through some old fields and woods.

I fell asleep over a book at 10pm.


sue said...

It was a fun weekend but I'm paying for it today with sunburned ears! Thanks for being such a gracious hostess, and I'm sorry we didn't get to eat your yummy dinner last night. Traffic was bad and it was good we left when we did.

Jennifer said...

was it that bad of a book? bad poetry perhaps? poetry from the vorgons?