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Monday, 16 April 2007


Saturday was spent at A's last soccer tryout, and realizing that some people take this way more seriously than I do. A letter came out telling us that not all kids would make a comp team, and basically letting us know that our child might be terribly hurt by not making it. They were practically suggesting therapy. Oh dear. A's philosophy is that she would love to make it and would give it her all if she did, but is happy to play rec if she doesn't. I'm glad she's got a balanced perspective. Query: is the note meant more for the kids being disappointed at not being selected, or the parents?

The afternoon was spent releasing our inner pyros and having a big burn down by the creek to get rid of some junk wood. With the weather so wet lately there were no issues with it spreading, so for a few hours we just kept feeding the fire with old planks and posts. We were tired and smoky after, and I had lost a few bangs thanks to a spark that singed my hair.

The evening was entirely different, since the kids were to a sleepover D and I had a date night to dinner and a movie. Very nice, very funny movie, the best company.

Yesterday afternoon, I slept. Then made some homemade turkey soup - just what's needed on a cold, rainy day.

This morning: snow. *sigh*


sue said...

response to query: the parents

We're in Alabama. It's warm. Yay.

Stayed at the Greenbrier on the way down. Built in the 1700's. Was a hospital during the civil war. Soooo cool, and very beautiful.

Jennifer said...

seriously, could goaliemom brag more? should we send her some snow?

barb said...

heehee ...

whaddya think, gm? We'll mail it to you.

sue said...

hmm....why don't you fed-ex it down and I'll put it out in the 75 degree sun and see what happens. Mwaahaahaa