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Tuesday, 10 April 2007

infestations lead to ideas

One exam down, two to go. M looked sweet yesterday in her kilt, blouse and vest, with her hair all done in a bun (a.k.a. 'Mom's annual torture') and her gillies - highland dance shoes - on. R was practicing last night but each try at her sword dance got worse as she got frustrated with herself. She's generally not one to be overly competitive with others, but definitely competes against herself. So we called it a night and will try again this morning.

My house has become, apparently, a haven for ladybugs. While cute enough on a one-to-one basis, seeing 50 crawling about my window isn't pleasant. Where do they all come from? But, as I pondered this while watching one on the bathroom counter this morning, I got an inspiration for a book. Perhaps it will never see the light of day, but it seemed a very clever idea at the time. Despite being inspiring, the ladybugs must go. I vacuumed a bunch out of the window last week and it was amusing, even though it meant more work, to see them fly back out of the vacuum when I had finished. Perhaps I should institute a catch-and-release program and get them into my garden as aphid sentries ... but I don't think they have Havahart traps that small.


sue said...

Maybe you could trap the ladybugs in your vacuum and take it outside to your garden to let them go to work for you.
Can't wait to sit down with both our pics of Paris and compare notes.

Shannon said...

The ladybugs were imported to put in greenhouses to keep down the other pests... some of them are "Japanese Beetles". Those are the ones that bite!
Crazy imported bugs...