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Wednesday, 11 April 2007

a study in contrasts

Every now and then I am reminded of just how different our little girls are. D's parents were here for a visit over the weekend and wanted to take the girls out to pick up some birthday/Easter/we love our granddaughters sort of gifts. Off we went to Toys R Us, always a favorite destination.

M immediately gravitated to the My Little Pony and Barbie section (also known as "pink world") and happily chose a pony playset and a mini stable for Barbie's horses.

A didn't get past the Lego section and after much consideration chose a Lego Knights storming-the-castle set and a Lego Exo-Force character. Much weaponry and rocket-ish things.

R came to the sobering realization that Toys R Us just isn't her big thing any more. At the ripe old age of 10 1/2 she walked through, curious but uninspired. That is, until she found, in a bin of beat-up and marked down boxes, a computer game: John Deere's American Farmer, a simulation game where you run your own farm. That and a couple of Redwall books made her day.

Dance exams went well yesterday; R did a runthrough in the morning and danced her sword without a hitch, much to her relief. We get results next week. And for the first time in almost 7 weeks, we have nobody staying in the house except our family. The house seems positively huge.


sue said...

The differences make things much more exciting, wouldn't you agree?

Enjoy your large house.

Jennifer said...

i love your girls. i love that little m got her girlie stuff. i wouldn't mind having a girliegirl for the gaffer's wife....