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Monday, 9 April 2007

dancing and soccer and cleaning, oh my

A new week and we're already in the thick of it with dance exams today and tomorrow for the girls. They've been practicing their flings and swords and seann triubhas (yeah, try pronouncing that one - it's shawn troos. Gotta love Gaelic.) and will be adjudicated on them. A has two more soccer tryouts this week.

Cleaning of course is the next thing, getting the house back into tidy shape. D's parents are here for the weekend though, so much of that will happen in the next few days. Just having one family living here definitely makes a difference in the amount of stuff. The dumpster arrived and is being duly filled with all sorts of wood, corrugated metal roofing, brick mortar from a chimney taken down last summer, a sort of cow-feeder-salt-lick-holder thingy. It's big and metal and unnecessary, so in it went. The stairs that had been used in our pool are also in there, having been the culprit in wearing a hole through the liner that required a full replacement the first year we were here.

And where, oh where, is my lovely happy spring weather? Snow on Easter weekend is just no fun. We had a white Easter rather than a white Christmas. But a real bright spot to the day was a phone call from goaliemom - from Paris! We talked about the places she had been, and I remembered them from our trip in '99; Ste. Chappelle, Notre Dame, Ile de la Cite, Montmartre, even the Tuilleries Gardens. All lovely places that stay in your mind, waiting patiently for you to remember them again. Ahh.

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Cathy said...

Oh, I hear you!
Life has been busy here, too. But no dancing...
Say hi to D. for me!