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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

assorted little things

Yesterday was sunny so after the morning Bible study we came home for lunch and then a couple of hours working in the gardens, getting old stuff cleared out and finding the return of a very annoying, quickly-spreading weed. I'm thinking Napalm is looking good for that. Seriously, though, I may have to resort to an overall black plastic to kill it all. But the shrubs are looking much more respectable and I found lots of friendly little perennial shoots making their way up. While we were out, R suddenly yelled something that turned out to be "the swallows are back!!!" And there they were, zipping around in the breeze.

The wind was higher than I thought, when D came home and said he'd had to move a 5-inch diameter pine tree from across the driveway that had snapped off in the wind. So there's another job for the weekend, getting that cleaned up. The driveway is generally nicer now, thanks to the addition of two pickup-beds full of gravel.

In the evening it was off for a meeting with two of my fellow band members, the uber-guitarist and the uber-drummer, to start looking at my music. We came up with a short list of the songs I had written (more than I remembered!) to start arranging for the studio. Sounds sort of surreal, but I think it's time. Some of the songs have been heard at different times in church or at conferences, while some have never escaped my living room. The CD production will be something D and I pay for and will be all my original songs, no covers. It was a good meeting getting some preliminary ideas together. Some really cool guitar riffs and bass lines came together.

On the way home, another sign of spring: frog slalom. The little guys have some desperate need to get across the road, so they leave the water on one side to go to the water on the other side. Answering nature's - rather, a female's - call, I think. So off they go, and along I drive, seeing what look like little stones on the road, until they start hopping. Some sit still and I weave around them, others for some odd reason choose the worst possible time to take a leap. Despite my efforts I'm sure I left a few little amphibious pancakes there.

We ended the evening with lovely romantic candlelight, thanks to the power cutting out at 11pm. It was on briefly around 1am, then off again until 10:30 this morning. The girls loved breakfast - eggs and toast on the camp stove outside the back door - and I think they were hoping it would stay off so we could have lunch out there too. Maybe we will anyway.


Jennifer said...

nothing like campfire eggs and toast...reminds me of camping. i love camping. can't wait till july. b and s coming this year?

Heather said...

Our power was out earlier in the evening and we played cards by candle light which the children enjoyed. B said tonight that he wanted the power to go out again.

sue said...

how fun!!
serendipity... no, we won't be going on the July trip. We'll be in AK.

futsaldreamer said...

Can I pre-order the CD ?