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Tuesday, 17 April 2007

water, water, everywhere...

Bonus points for naming the quote and author without googling it.

I still find it funny that 'google' has become a verb. Likewise 'Plutoized' apparently being a new euphemism for downsizing, after the poor little ex-planet's fate. I'm sure Pluto is terribly broken up about it all.

As to the water, it rained all day yesterday - well, after the snow stopped - and the creek is running a couple of feet higher than it was two days ago. I can see whitewater at the first bend. Usually it's just a fast little current there, but there was white this morning. The burn pit is surrounded by water. The ducks are happy. My sump pump is working overtime. Today's forecast: more rain, but the sun and the correct April weather should be here by the weekend.

But we took advantage of a miserable day yesterday to do some getting ahead in school, the girls having learned that an extra math lesson here and there adds up to a whole week or so less at the end of the year when the weather is beckoning them outside. We also did more cleaning, and made up a recipe at supper for a tortellini-sausage-tomato soup. Sort of like a minestrone, very tasty and filling. And yes, I did write down what went into it.


sue said...

water water every, but not a drop to drink. I knew that much (which is actually wrong) but had to google the rest, and said, "ah,yes" when I found it. Water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink is the actual quote.

Hope the rain stops soon.

Jennifer said...

winnie the pooh and a blustery day?