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Tuesday, 3 April 2007

ah, the sound

There's nothing quite like rain on a metal roof. I missed it.

Cleaning up the barn mess was fun, slipping in mud and lifting things that tested just how much I could lift. Definitely got some weight training in. There is now a huge pile of wood, metal sheeting, and strange feeder-like fixtures waiting eagerly for its new home in the dumpster we've got coming in a few days. We've gotten one once before and filled that one with 4 tons (yes, literally - it was weighed by the company) of assorted farm junk that had accumulated here for goodness knows how long. In it we did put a fridge, a stovetop, a dishwasher, and two sinks, enough to my thinking that we could have rented it out as a five-appliance apartment.

The bird trapped in by the fireplace seems to have expired. Thanks to 'rancherj' for the very helpful tip ;-) but we did try smoking it out. Note to self: get chimney guru to put screening on top opening.

Tomorrow is R's go at the regional history fair. She's been practicing and is looking forward to it, though I think her most appreciative audience will be D's parents who will visit this weekend and she'll show her grandpa what she learned about his father. In her sources list she included a thanks to him for sharing his memories of his dad and sending along the photos. R wanted very much to include a thanks to her teacher for being such a help, but her teacher smiled and hugged her and said no, just seeing how excited you are by this is thanks enough. Someone should give that woman a raise.

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Jennifer said...

definitely a raise. i've never known a more awesome teacher...of course i haven't seen Bee in action...