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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

and on we go

The day was taken up by Historica; R diligently manning her project and happily going to visit others when she got the chance. I was greatly impressed by the scope and quality of the projects there. Some 12-15 schools were represented, including public, private, and our little (3-person strong) band of homeschoolers.

It was a long day but fun and at the end of it all, R was in the top three in her age group so is in the group of 10 kids (out of 165 projects) who will go to the Provincial Fair next month. She was excited and surprised when they called her name and I was all proud of her and choking up. I'm such a sap that way.


Heather said...

Congratulations R, we are very impressed and proud of you. When and where is the provincial fair?
You're a smart lass.

barb said...

It's here in town (easy travel!), in mid-May. It runs over several days and it appears that some of that time is taken up with taking the students on various tours, so should be quite an experience on several fronts.

sue said...

My eyes filled up with tears of joy at the news. I am so happy for R! Do you have the date of the Provincial fair. I may come.