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Saturday, 1 November 2008

congratulations, it's a company

It's been for a little while now, but I've not made it official by spewing the words out into cyberspace.

Creekside Music, Incorporated is officially an entity. We even have some shareholders. Whee!

Another step in the long journey.

I've been listening to the demo ad nauseum (well, not that much) and hearing things to keep, things to change, and things to add. By listening over and over to the same song as opposed to only doing them live, I am hearing little details - a new harmony I've never thought of, a bass line that might just bring the song to the next level, a piano bit that will peek out here and there, tempos that need adjusting.

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futsaldreamer said...

Congrats ! I'm so excited about where your music is going !! Woohooo !!