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Thursday, 13 November 2008

recording, day two

I didn't think it would be so tiring, but the mental gymnastics and the constant focus wore me out. I spent Tuesday night in a sort of mental haze, and woke Wednesday still brain-fogged. Yesterday I realized that the muscles in my forearm were hurting a bit - I've never played so much in such a short time and they were getting tired, too.

But day two was another great one. We've now finished the ghost tracks for The Lord Reigns, Compelled (which got quite a facelift and is a bright-shiny-new song that is much stronger than it used to be), Overcome (I've fallen in love with the BGVs on this one), Lament, and For His Praise. The tweaks are improving the songs and new ideas are popping up.

It's a funny blend: it's very precise and technical, because if the ghost tracks are off then every piece of the band that uses that reference for their own tracks is also off, and the whole thing falls apart. The click track is a must here. It's also very creative as we do the fixes and try doing things different ways to see what sounds the best. 'Organic' is the word I keep coming back to. It's an organic process, constantly moving and changing and then changing again in response.

I heard someone compare CD making to bring a baby to term - you plan, you prepare, then you release it to the world and even feel something akin to post-partum. I have no idea if that's the case, but since my three pregnancies all started with three months of morning sickness, I'm just glad I'm not throwing up every day.

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