I hope I never lose my sense of wonder. If that makes me naive, then so be it.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


To preface: I know a little bit about American politics, economy and such. A bit. So I can't honestly state that yesterdays election results are a horrible thing for America, as I've heard, or average, as I've heard, or the best thing to come in a long time, as I've also heard. I will not pretend to be able to give a thoroughly educated comment on it. That would be silly and potentially embarrassing at parties.

person: "So what did you think of the election?"
me: "I thought that Tina Fey looked a lot like Sarah, but the socio-economic crisis facing America at this time requires a leader who can unite everyone and share the wealth or at least some cookies, but they need a person with experience and wasn't that part about Joe the Plumber funny?"

To be crass and low, I'm just sort of glad it's all done now and whatever will happen can start happening.

Though I do know enough to be a wee bit concerned about the fact that the president, house and senate all being Democratic could make the next four years quite a ride. I'm a little leery about giving any one party so much rein. I have no idea when the last time was that one of the three wasn't different, allowing for some checks and balances.

But part of me, maybe the Pollyanna part (and while I can be pretty sarcastic and hold a PhD in worrying over random things, she's always hiding in there being annoyingly happy and perky and positive), just thinks: wow, they've done it. You can almost smell the vindication in the air. Yeah, it wasn't about race and I do really hope and pray that Obama will lead the USA well - but the weight of history was always there and so I will state in my uneducated opinion: it's pretty cool.


sue said...

No, not cool. Would have been cool if it had been Alan Keyes... but not Obama. I hope and pray I'm wrong about him, but I think our country just got what it deserved. Yikes.
I did like your answer to the person questioning you and think you should use it whenever possible.

barb said...

Hm, perhaps 'cool' isn't the right word. I hope you're wrong, too and that he does the kind of job the country needs right now. It's sort of like the old blessing/curse "may you live in interesting times". These are certainly interesting times.

I'm glad you liked my blistering political commentary. You can feel free to use it at high-level exec parties.

Jennifer said...

I agree. I have no educated opinion on the matter, but when I found out he won, my stomach thudded to the floor. I'd be a lot happier and less worried if he was a republican. I have no problem with the colour of his skin.