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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

and day five

Today's session continued in the same vein, with more work on 'Silence Broken' and Tim's thinking that releasing it as an acoustic single for this Christmas would be a good idea. While I was listening to it in the headphones that was sounding like a pretty good option, but he's going to check on the mixes before that goes ahead.

We did one more song, 'Only You', which is one of my favorites and has some really nice dissonance in it, and went over the rest of the time we have booked. I am rerecording 'We Hold On' but as that's just piano and vocal we don't need ghost tracks, which leaves us with 'The View From Here'. We got a start on that at the end of today's session and so have two days to finish that and then go over any changes we want to make to the other songs.

Still tired, still loving it.

Then it's two weeks off while Tim does some mixing and prepping for drums before my house gets very loud while we lay down those tracks. My rule for band practice is, if the plaster falls from the ceiling, we're too loud. Should be interesting.

During those two weeks, I really should do some Christmas preparation. At least baking, right?

And on the broader scope of the home front, our freezer will have a nice addition to it in the form of venison this year as D bagged a doe this morning.

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