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Friday, 14 November 2008

recording, day three

Day three was shorter than the other two; two more songs got ghost tracked to bring the total to eight of twelve songs. We are ahead of schedule so are taking today off, to restart on Monday.

I am mentally and creatively spent. But oooh, it's good. I've never had such a concentrated time of creating, trying ideas, hearing results, then creating some more. I am really enjoying working with Tim, who knows what he wants to hear and then is awesomely encouraging when I get it.

We throw out ideas, I sing them, he plays them back and we sometimes laugh maniacally when it sound great. I'll try a vocal line, love it, then try desperately to remember just how it went so that I can duplicate it. That sometimes takes a few tries but sometimes finds something even better.

Yesterday he pushed me to try things that were vocally out of my comfort zone, which took some trying but ended up yielding lines I'd never have thought to try. Musically and creatively I am learning so much through this.

But I am looking forward to the weekend off. Time to get my house back in order.

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