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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

back at it - day four

After a weekend's break from recording (greatly needed - I'm glad we didn't work on Friday, as my brain was still shut down), I was back at it tonight. It was more of the same but with having had a few days to listen to last week's material, which served to highlight some areas that need focus for pitch and such.

I'm loving the music. I mean that in a non-egotistical way. If someone else had recorded it, I'd still love it.

Tonight we got the ghost track done for the Christmas song, 'Silence Broken'. This one will have lots of cool choral BGVs and may even feature a small bit with our girls singing.

Three more songs to go, and I'm looking forward to the week. This time I know a bit more of what to expect.

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futsaldreamer said...

Now - the girls singing would be extra super cool.