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Tuesday, 4 December 2007


Here it is, Tuesday. And I am indeed getting my comeuppance (who invented that word?) for complaining last year that winter was decidedly un-wintry. The earlier snow had no chance to leave before another 30cm came along, starting early yesterday morning. I'm not complaining yet. I am definitely liking it. Wait 'til February, then I'll be sick of it all. But I will definitely not be saying that winter is too slow coming this year!

The weekend was busy but all good. Friday R and A went to JPP and got back their history and science marks (R scoring A+ in both, A getting A's in both) and hearing glowing reports about them from their Creative Writing teacher. As their mom it's heartwarming to hear them so well spoken of, and as their teacher it's doubly good to hear their academics praised by another teacher. Next week is the last until next term. I've enjoyed the days one-on-one with M but I think the break will be good for us all. That and not driving downtown through the winter weather.

Saturday was the party for the band. It's nice to get together with no need to accomplish something rehearsal-wise. I had a ball making lots of fancy little fussy goodies. Everything came together well. I'm writing it here so next year I can remember just what the heck I did:
- sweet & sour meatballs
- satay beef with Thai peanut sauce
- mini phyllo cups filled with Greek salad - cucumbers, onion, tomato, olive, capers in a vinaigrette
- broiled shrimp with two sauces: Cajun mayo and raspberry horseradish (thanks to Goaliemom)
- endive leaves piped full of a cream cheese/sundried tomato pesto mixture
- phyllo triangles filled with brie, green apples, walnuts and shallots
- crescent canapes, made from biscuit dough covered with cream cheese/horseradish and fresh veggies
- stuffed mushrooms
A big pot of wassail (sort of a hot mulled cider) simmering on the stove was also a big hit. Everyone brought desserts or drinks and we had a fun evening together. Silly me took no photos at all. *sigh* I didn't get the whole house decorated but used some natural materials to make it pretty. I filled one large bowl with fresh-cut cedar, apples and oranges, and another with cedar, cinnamon sticks and one Christmas ornament. Not too bad, and that sort of decorating seems to suit the old farmhouse.

Sunday was church, then in the evening we headed to a local seniors' home to provide music for their Christmas service. We led a few carols and I brought in some special guests: violinist Snowman and her brother, and R, A, & M. Between the kids on violins and the girls singing a couple of songs, I'm not sure the rest of us needed to show up! I think the folks really enjoyed what we played/sang for them.

Yesterday we enjoyed the snowstorm from the comfort and safety of our house, and the girls realized a drawback of homeschooling: school doesn't get cancelled in bad weather. Cut short to allow for play time, perhaps, but not nixed. Tonight we plan to head to Seren's for dinner for much food and conversation and laughs.

The farm looks pretty but the barns seem more lonely - except the chicken coop, where the hens are glad for their heat lamp. The rest of the buildings, though, are dark and lifeless. When will we change that? Sometimes it feels so far away. I stood out last night in the wind and snow, looking and them and thinking how forlorn they looked. Someday ...

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sue said...

Sounds like a lovely party. You've had a very Christmassy week. Lovely.